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Shipping Questions

Where does Pijon ship?

Pijon currently ships to the continental United States.

Are there any shipping costs?

USPS Ground shipping is included in the price of your PijonBox purchase. UPS Ground is $1.00/box.

What shipping method should I choose?

USPS Priority Mail (2-6 days): If shipping to a P.O. Box this shipping method must be used.
UPS Ground (1-5 days): Faster shipping! If recipient cannot accept packages from USPS, use this shipping method.
Note: all PijonBoxes leave the warehouse between the 5th and 10th of the month.

How do I change a shipping address?

You can change all shipping addresses by accessing the Pijon dashboard, and editing the shipping address for the person receiving the PijonBox.

Do I choose what goes into a PijonBox?

No, you do not choose what goes into the PijonBox. A key part of Pijon’s value proposition is the discovery and curation process associated with receiving a PijonBox, and we work very closely with brand and retail partners to ensure that Pijon sends fun, useful, and relevant products every month. Learn more about what's "In the Box."

Does Pijon accommodate dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten free)?

While Pijon does not currently offer plans that accommodate dietary restrictions, we have been hard at work designing plans that offer truly personalized options, and we look forward to providing our members with a variety of dietary options in the near future.

Messages, notes, communications, surprises, gifts

The day each PijonBox ships, we send an email to the person who purchased it, and 3 days after shipping we send a note to the recipient to inform them who gifted it, and when to look for it.

I want to send a personalized message. How can I do that?

Great question! Our development Pijon's have been hard at work building tools that will allow for send personalized video, photo, and email messages between "care-givers" and the individuals receiving a PijonBox. We're excited to launch these features in the very near future, so stay tuned!

How do I surprise someone I'm sending a PijonBox?

Understanding that a-lot of our members who are the "care-givers" want to maintain the element of surprise when sending a PijonBox, at check-out you have the option to select "It's a Surprise". When selected, this will deactivate all messaging to the recipient of a PijonBox, so they won't even know a PijonBox is coming.

Timing and delivery schedule

When can I expect a PijonBox to ship

As experts on College Life, Pijon ships each PijonBox based on a generic collegiate academic calendar to ensure timely delivery while students are on-campus. PijonBoxes leave the warehouse by:

Fall Semester

  • September 10th
  • October 10th
  • November 10th
  • December - ships last week of November

Spring Semester

  • February 10th
  • March 10th
  • April 10th
  • May - ships last week of April

What about summer?

Ask for it! If enough customers want care packages delivered to home through the summer, we will do it!

Payment, discount vouchers, gift certs & promo codes

How do I pay for Pijon?

We accept all major credit cards.

I want to pay with my parent's credit card, is that cool?

Totally! Or you can ask for a PijonBox from anyone!

When will I be billed?

  • Monthly subscriptions - Billed upon the initial purchase of the plan, and billed once every month thereafter. Cancel any time before the end of a month.
  • Prepaid subscriptions - Includes 4-month, 5-month, 6-month, 7-month, 8-month, etc. Billing for all prepaid subscriptions occurs immediately. No cancellations or refunds.

I have a deal voucher, how do I order for myself or someone else?

  1. Go to and enter your voucher code.
  2. Fill in all the information for your order.
  3. IF your voucher, promo code or gift certificate covers the full cost of the plan you selected, you will not need to enter a credit card to complete the purchase.
  4. Submit and that's it!

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